Here is what some of our clients are saying about us:

“I was going through a very difficult and painful situation when Cheryll fortuitously came into my life. Through a combination of her insight, experience and expertise, Cheryll helped me to identify several key factors that were inhibiting me from living my best life. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I signed up for the hypnotherapy program. Throughout the process, Cheryll was inspirational, reassuring, and professional. My purpose was certainly awakened, and I am confident that I now have the tools, strategies, and awareness to live my life authentically. I am truly excited about the trajectory of my life, and I am so honoured and grateful that Cheryll was there to support me in my journey.”

– Lucy M.

“I was fortunate to be referred to Cheryll’s services through my mother and father in law after hearing high praises of her hypnotherapy and business coaching services, and I’m thrilled to say her services have changed my life for the best, and in a much quicker timeframe than I was expecting.

Having been in the soup of much family, religious, and social trauma in my developmental years, I really struggled to cope with many triggers throughout the global and local events that occurred during the lockdown of 2020. I had fallen into a crippling depression, and was eagerly in search for a trusted professional to tackle some long-held limiting beliefs and thought-patterns that I was unable to untangle by myself, in order to declutter my mind for a new path forward.

After only having attended 1 hypnotherapy session, I had a huge breakthrough in my mindset, and began to see a positive flow-on effect in my external world in a matter of days as a result. I was fortunate enough to attend a few more sessions which allowed for multiple other huge breakthroughs in my mindset in a short period of time, which really assisted me in grounding me in order to make life-altering decisions to move forward in my growth and expand my capacity and find clarity as to what it was that I wanted in business and social ventures with great ease and a new-found confidence – I was a brand new human, with a much sharper focus than I have ever experienced.

After experiencing the many mindset breakthroughs through Cheryll’s Hypnotherapy services, coupled with an action plan in place given Cheryll’s 25+ years of experience as a business coach, I was able to confidently leave an abusive workplace without looking back, and I am currently enacting an action plan to get my own business up and running, all thanks to the huge breakthroughs that I had experienced in bringing clarity of the resources and the truth that I had within me this whole time, buried under the cloud of my former mindsets created and established under past trauma.

If you feel stuck and are looking for a breakthrough in any avenue of your world and are in pursuit of a well-trusted professional to help you uncover your truth, I cannot recommend Cheryll’s services enough. I encourage you to reach out today to discuss her offerings and see for yourself how her amazing services will assist you in unlocking your own personal breakthroughs to bring your passions into fruition no matter your circumstances.”

– Hope S.

“It is incredible the level of relaxation I was able to achieve Cheryll in only one session with you and the changes in my thinking and behaviour already around my appetite, physical activity and body image are amazing. The simplicity and ease of the hypnotherapy session with you most definitely does not reflect the power of change that has already taken place within me. You created a safe space for me with your warmth and guidance through the session and I can only imagine what a difference this is going to make in my life going forward. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you so much!”

– Jo Hunter

“I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Cheryll to help me let go of a matter that had been taking up too much mental and emotional energy. I found Cheryll to be both professional in her approach and also warm and empathic to my story. I also found her very soothing whilst I was in the hypnotic state. Best of all, I have been able to largely let go of the situation that was bothering me. I can wholeheartedly recommend Cheryll and hypnotherapy.”

– Deborah S.

“Cheryll provided so many theoretical and practical tips and tools to redirect my thinking and connect with purpose. If you need expert support and guidance with your career and broader purpose in life Cheryll is definitely your ‘go-to’ person!”

– Maxine Morrison

“Cheryll Olmos is a truly authentic motivator who will connect with you and provide the right mix of guidance and tools to start you thinking about your next move in life. I just needed a positive boost and Cheryll is precisely that. She will take the fear out of the changes ahead and get you, thinking creatively about all the wonderful things that may an option for you.”

– Julie Furlong

“I have been a client of Cheryll Olmos for over 12 years in my roles as CEO and General Manager. Throughout this period, Cheryll has provided a variety of services to myself and team members who reported to me. Her focus included Executive/Business Coaching, Career Coaching and Life Coaching.

Cheryll has always provided a professional and holistic service that has been of great benefit to myself and those she has worked with. She is a delight to work with. She is fun yet exacting, she is generous yet demanding and working with her will deliver results you would not have considered possible.”

-Fran Avon

“Thank you to you and Lucas for a wonderful day and for sharing your story with us. And thank you for providing with some great tools to help me awaken and find my purpose. I found it a really inspiring day from the content to how it was delivered, to every little detail you thought of from the amazing venue and food, and the warm and meaningful welcome you provided as we entered.”

– Olga K

“Cheryll Olmos has worked with me in a number of capacities; I feel blessed that I had the good fortune to do so. Cheryll has plethora of talents that you only ever see presented in the most professional and confident manner. Underpinning her success is what I believe to be a strong personal ethos, this allows you to trust here implicitly. I have nothing but good words for Cheryll, her success and business acumen.”

– Mary D.

“Cheryll’s service is professional, personable and holistic. 100% satisfaction from me!”

– Junita Mushenko

“In working with Cheryll I was able to unpack those fears that were blocking me from seeing my true value. With her skill and intuitive coaching style Cheryll was able to uncover my innate talents and key areas of expertise and, present them back to me in a way that felt natural and I was able to own.

Cheryll has calming nature about her that is comforting and encouraged me to go beyond my set limited thinking and behaviours. She walked my journey of growth with me, sharing my insights and putting in place tools to help me continue to move forward with renewed strength and confidence.

Thank you Cheryll, your skills and ability to transform would benefit any person or organisation seeking to make positive changes in their personal and work environment.”

– Coral Fuata

“Cheryll really listens to and understands her clients’ needs. I value and appreciate her support and professionalism and have recommended her services on a number of occasions.”

– Dianne Cunningham

“I have worked with Cheryll on several occasions and find that she brings commitment, passion and integrity to all that she takes on. My experience with Cheryll has been very rewarding and always exceeded my expectations. I look forward to the time when opportunity presents itself for me to work with her again.”

– Natasha Duncan

“I have known Cheryll for many years and I have found her to be highly professional and ethical with her services. She has excellent people skills and supports many causes she is passionate about. I have no hesitation in recommending Cheryll and her ability to deliver above and beyond expectation.”

– Rosemary Cottrell

“My resilience care pack by Awakening Purpose is the best thing that happened to me in this pandemic. Working from home, adapting to and coping up with the ‘new normal’ while still meeting everyday and future work deadlines made me very anxious. The anxiety busting tool helped me immensely to manage my anxiety and focus on the positives. My resilience care pack is revolutionary by every means and I highly recommend it.”

– Komal Bhoir

“The Resilience Builder pack was a useful concise tool to put self-talk gratitude and mindfulness into an actionable programme. When you read a book you can absorb the information but you then move on. To have an ‘action pack’ to drill these things into muscle memory so you learn from it quicker. The plans are not laborious but you can see your own patterns emerging. I highly recommend the programme for anyone who is wanting to build resilience in this increasingly crazy world and not absorb it but instead, grow stronger mentally and bring joy back into life”

– Mags Hamilton

“Thank you, Cheryll, for your amazing support as I struggled to work out my direction following redundancy! Your tools helped me to sort through what was important to me and gave me a clear reference point to look back on. To have someone I could talk through my options and generally keep me positive made all the difference in ensuring I wasn’t overwhelmed.

Thank you for helping me successfully gain my new position.”

– Pam Waterhouse

“Cheryll and Lucas are intelligent, professional, customer focused and passionate about using their skills, expertise and methodologies to make a positive difference. They are graduates of the Centre for Social Impact, and they have received B Corp accreditation for their business.

I can highly recommend them if you are seeking to work with value based suppliers who bring both their head and heart to their work. Thanks to their generosity of spirit, we have been fortunate to have been able to access their services.”

– Michele Goldman

“I had come to a point in my life where I was looking for new challenges, and in addition needed to review my work-life balance. Cheryll’s passionate and dynamic approach to assisting me in recognising my skills and strengths, and then translating all that into making decisions on what direction to take, was of immeasurable benefit to me. Having her confident and perceptive advice helped me clarify what I was looking for in the next stage of my working life. Cheryll’s warmth, enthusiasm, ethics and values, and high level professionalism and expertise, make her an exceptional coach, and I would highly recommend her services.”

– Anne Fitzsimmons

Facing redundancy is never easy, especially after working for the same organisation for many years. Your confidence is at an all-time low and you’re not quite sure how or where to start again.

Thankfully, I was more fortunate than most people. A friend of mine referred me to Cheryll, who right from the first phone call, made the world of difference for me. Her calm and gentle nature was the perfect antidote to someone facing unemployment for the first time in almost 30 years.

Cheryll’s 15+ years of experience in career consulting was, quite simply, invaluable. She restored my confidence. Finding the right career path can make the difference between having a good life and having a great life, and it all starts with Cheryll!”

– Leanne Sheddon

“Thanks again for the wonderful Awakening Purpose workshop you organized! It was very interesting and stimulating for me, in terms of its content, the participants and beautiful surroundings. The resources are amazing. The workbook (Guide) is so engaging and thought-provoking, I never realized there are so many factors involved in shaping our goals. You are doing a great job. Kudos to you and Lucas! Thank you not only for supporting me but for giving me exactly what I needed at the time.”

– Anu Kaur

“Identifying and choosing the next step to take in your career is always an important life decision. There are so many possibilities and each has pros and cons. I had come to a place in my career where I wanted to continue to do work that was interesting, challenging, and meaningful but to also find the right lifestyle balance.

Cheryll helped me clarify what I direction I wanted to take for my career and assisted in developing a strategy for pursuing my goals. Her assistance with the recruitment process was invaluable, as was her support post getting the role I wanted. Having her expert guidance and advice gave me the confidence to pursue the balance that I wanted and the roadmap to getting there.

Cheryll’s warm and engaging style was easy to work with and I would highly recommend her services.”

– Cathryn Baker

“Cheryll has an impressive depth and breadth of expertise in coaching. She has a professional and friendly approach with an intuitive ability to expertly guide and equip her clients towards effective solutions. I can highly recommend Cheryll.”

– N.M.

“Working with Cheryll and the Careers by Design program gave me some unexpected insights into my skills and personal strengths. I got reminded of who I was some 30 years ago when I started my first job and what I wanted to achieve at work and in my private life. From there, it showed me work alternatives I’ve never though were possible and how to create opportunities for jobs that I enjoy doing, all in line with my lifestyle.”

– M.S.

“I have recommended Cheryll to friends and colleagues looking to change careers, change roles and even change industries! If you’re looking for a qualified, knowledgeable and engaged professional who will work with you to find the best fit then your search is over; go with Cheryll Olmos.”

– Jenny McCaffery

“Cheryll made me feel so welcome and become a mentor and friend at a time when I was at my most vulnerable when I first arrived in Sydney. Thank you so much for your help and assistance.”

– Alison White

“Dear Cheryll, I would like to send you my warm thanks for all the great support you gave me. You gave me excellent advice, you were totally honest and up-front, and I quickly felt that I could trust you and depend on you. In every respect you were professional, dependable and a great help. All the best to you, and may your business prosper.”

– N.U.

“I was greatly impressed by your professionalism, personal warmth and dedication. You are a person of great integrity, honesty and sensitivity. Thank you Cheryll, from the bottom of my heart.”

– Gerardine Grace

Dear Cheryll, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.
Thank you for your support and the confidence you have shown in relation to my abilities and passion to succeed. I have had exposure to many professionals in the industry but your level of service and support is the highest I have experienced to date. I look forward to dealing with you in the future.”

– P.M.

“Cheryll has substantial and in-depth knowledge of career coaching and together with very practical examples passed on so much helpful knowledge. Working with Cheryll over a period of months meant we had many interesting and focused discussions and exchanges with a great outcome.”

– Fern R.

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