If you know my story, you know about my struggles from being a single mum of 5 kids, to navigating the challenges of looking for meaningful work without any credentials or certifications, to eventually getting employment in a field of interest and then moving on to having my own business!

I know what it feels like to go through significant personal struggles and work/career challenges but I also know what it’s like to come through the other side where I’m feeling fulfilled in my purpose and doing meaningful work that I can earn a living from. I discovered how to break free from the self-limiting beliefs and transform my life and now I want to help you do the same.

Together with my amazing husband and business partner we continue to create ways to help women just like you navigate your journey in both a practical and inspirational way.

Awakening Purpose Coaching

Transformational Hypnotherapy

Awakening Purpose Workshops

Awakening Purpose Workshop

Empowered Jobseeker Training

Empowered Jobseeker Online Training

Resilience Online Training

Grow your ability to remain strong in face of challenges

Awakening Purpose Coaching

After over 20 years of helping women 1-1 in face to face and group workshops, I’m thrilled to be offering more wide-reaching support across the globe via online support!! I want women all over the world to understand and realize that you can create a more meaningful and empowered life.

This coaching program is for you if you are:

  • Feeling dismpowered in your career or jobseeking?

  • Looking for more meaning and purpose in your career and life?

  • Finding yourself defeated by the same patterns?

  • Wanting to understand yourself, your personal and work drivers and satisfiers?

  • Needing help to explore what is possible in your life?

  • Wanting to future-proof your career?

Awakening Purpose Coaching Session – $247 AUD
1hr Online session focussed on a targeted issue to help you get clearer and move forward.

Transformational Hypnotherapy

Transformational Hypnotherapy uses guided visualisations to help us adjust the subconscious programming we often live from. Imagine if, instead of operating from what life has given you (parenting, education, experiences, habits we’ve picked up), you were able to break free from the things that are keeping you stuck.

Transformational Hypnotherapy is for you if you:

  • Want to break free from self-defeating habits.

  • Want to get the psychological edge to help you succeed

  • Want to increase confidence and personal belief

  • Want help losing weight or stopping smoking

  • Want help with stress, anxiety or other challenges

Transformation Hypnotherapy Session – $247 AUD
1hr Online session focussed on a targeted issue to help overcome challenges and transform your life.

Awakening Purpose Workshops & Retreats

Our interactive Awakening Purpose Workshops and Retreats will launch you into the self exploration and discovery you need to unpack and activate your purpose.

Together we’ll explore:

  • An ancient Awakening Purpose Model

  • Your strengths, talents & skills
  • Your dreams and dream thieves

  • Your sources of meaning

  • A framework for wise decision making

  • Planning your next steps

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    I need help finding the right roleI want to understand myself better and what my purpose isI want to get meaningful work that I love doingI want to live a more meaningful life

    Awakening Purpose Workshop

    Empowered Jobseeker Online Training (Pre-Register)

    Are you feeling like you’re at the mercy of the job market? Are you concerned about how to look for work in these challenging times?

    We believe it doesn’t have to be this way and we want you to know you can take an empowered stance and approach to your job seeking journey!

    With over 20 years’ experience helping people from all backgrounds ranging from corporate executives to underserved communities and everything in-between, we have seen the magic that occurs when people have the right tools and support to get the job that’s right for them. Our course is a tried and true practical program that if properly applied, will reap the outcome you’re after.

    Not only do we give you the knowledge you need but we also equip you with the mindsets and templates required to succeed.

    Our easy to follow practical course includes topics such as:

    • Understanding the Hiring Game

    • Understanding Yourself & Your Value

    • Finding Where the Opportunities Are

    • Presenting Yourself on Paper, Video & in Person

    • Succeeding When You Start Your Role

    • Winning the Long Game

    • The Future of Work

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      Resilience Online Training (Pre-Register)

      Do you feel overwhelmed or disempowered in your situation/circumstance? Do you feel like you’re losing out to the circumstances of your life and powerless to do anything about it??

      Then the Resilience Online Training is for you! Having navigated significant life challenges and discovering keys to overcoming and excelling at life, we share the insights and keys to building the resilience and character through hardship that set you up to win.

      Here you will find practical help including:

      • Diagnosing Disempowered Thinking Patterns Tool

      • Diagnosing My Energy Patterns Tool

      • Thought Reframer Tool

      • Building Gratefulness Tool

      • Anxiety Busting Tool

      • Positivity Builder Tool

      • Resilience Affirmations Template

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        Grow your ability to remain strong in face of challenges