Awakening Purpose

Awakening Purpose

Empowering women to live their best lives through coaching and hypnotherapy

Empowering women to live their best lives through coaching and hypnotherapy

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Are you saying to yourself:

  • I feel stuck
    – Break free from stagnation and understand what’s been holding you back

  • I’m at a point of transition, what’s next for me?
    – Get the tools to navigate your options

  • I know there’s more to my life, but what?
    – Understand who you are and what will bring you fulfillment.

  • I need to make a change!
    – Move beyond your limitations with hypnotherapy

  • I don’t even know what I want to do
    –  Gain greater clarity on your unique gifts and talents

  • I’m anxious about finding a job
    – Get the secrets for standing out, crafting a great resume and finding the right match for you

Through coaching, hypnotherapy, online programs and retreats we will help you to:

Overcome Personal Barriers & Limitations

Transform your life through hypnotherapy so you can overcome habits patterns or beliefs that are holding you back.

Get a Performance Edge

Whether you’re an athlete, an executive or you rely on your performance, get the mental edge you need through hypnotherapy.

Design Your Career

Navigate the macro and micro factors that are shaping the future of work, get clear on your path forward, and make action-focused plans for your career.

Activate a Life of Purpose

Connect to the power of a purpose-filled life. Address the fears that stand in your way, and activate the inspiration you need to go to the next level.

See what people are saying:

Anu Kaur

“She will take the fear out of the changes ahead”

Cheryll Olmos is a truly authentic motivator who will connect with you and provide the right mix of guidance and tools to start you thinking about your next move in life.

I found this workshop as an insightful overview to get me unstuck and thinking about all the new wonderful opportunities out there. I just needed a positive boost and Cheryll is precisely that.

She will take the fear out of the changes ahead and get you, thinking creatively about all the wonderful things that may an option for you.

– Julie Furlong

Federica Berti

“I couldn’t be more grateful to have encountered such a great woman and coach on my path.”

When I met Cheryll I knew that her positive energy and exceptionally caring vibe was going to bring us together somehow one day. And the occasion came not long after: I immediately signed up to the Awakening Purpose workshop as soon as it was launched and I have to say it was one of the best decisions ever, at a time in my life where everything was changing and I had to make the right decisions for myself. The workshop was a delightful event, full of lovely people, amazing speakers and juicy content… that kind of content that make you go “wow! I have never thought of that before, but it totally makes sense!”. No need to say I was left with many questions in my mind (the right questions!) that I knew would have taken me to a great place once I found an answer to them. Awakening Purpose is perfect for anyone who is keen to do the hard work: turning inwards and use the amazing tools provided during the workshop to start putting the pieces together of who we really are and what do we want to do in our life.

After the workshop I had a few private sessions with Cheryll: now that I had started feeling I was taking the right direction, I surely couldn’t stop half way! These sessions have been a light bulb to all the confusion I had inside me and I couldn’t be more grateful to have encountered such a great woman and coach on my path. I am now proud to say I have better understood myself and my purpose and I have already started working towards it… and the feeling that comes from knowing that I am doing what I was born for, is absolutely priceless!

– Federica Berti

Anne Fitzsimmons

“Was of immeasurable benefit to me.”

I had come to a point in my life where I was looking for new challenges, and in addition needed to review my work-life balance.

Cheryll’s passionate and dynamic approach to assisting me in recognising my skills and strengths, and then translating all that into making decisions on what direction to take, was of immeasurable benefit to me. Having her confident and perceptive advice helped me revise and update my CV and clarify what I was looking for in the next stage of my working life.

Cheryll’s warmth, enthusiasm, ethics and values, and high level professionalism and expertise, make her an exceptional career coach, and I would highly recommend her services.

– Anne Fitzsimmons

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    Cheryll Olmos

    Cheryll has lived a colourful life from school drop-out, to hippie in the 70s, to single mum of 5 doing it tough, to business woman and coach. As Co-Founder of Musketeers, a B Corp purpose driven business, she helps run a few different business streams including Human-Centered Design for the Employee Experience and Awakening Purpose. Cheryll has over 20 years experience working with people from diverse backgrounds such as refugees to corporate executives, coaching and guiding them on their career journeys and helping them connect that to a deeper purpose. She is passionate about helping women overcome and rise to their full potential.

    Lucas Olmos

    Lucas started his career working for some of the world’s leading tech organisations, but a love of adventure drew him to the journey of purpose-driven business. With an educational background in Psychology, Social Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Business, Lucas developed a deep understanding of the social impact created by employment and the work experience. He has a gift for applying human centred design to create practical solutions for challenging problems, that are a catalyst for positive change with all his clients.